Facebook's Lead Gen Ads for Car Dealerships

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Are you using Lead Generation Ads? If not, you're missing lots of opportunities. Continue reading to find out the benefits of this type of Facebook Ad.

1. More Leads

With Facebook’s Lead Gen Ad Platform you don’t need a landing page. As sometimes it’s just another step that prevents people from opting in. Bypassing this means the squeeze process takes place directly within Facebook. This reduces friction and increases opt-ins. Nonetheless, landing pages can be a great way to collect information from a potential lead.

2. Accurate Lead Information 

Not only does the prospective lead stay on Facebook through the opt-in, but their user information is pulled directly from the backend of the platform once they click the form. The name, phone number and email address they registered with their account are auto-populated for them.

3. Integrates Directly Into CRM

Facebook Lead Gen Ads can feed directly into any CRM system that has integration capabilities with the platform, making it easier for your BDC to follow-up with them. Plus, if your CRM isn’t represented, you can ask Facebook to add it to future integrations.

Do you want to know more advantages?

Our digital experts can explain how we can generate more real leads that are more likely to convert to cars sold. Contact us for a free consultation.