Video Ads Ideas for Car Dealerships

Get inspired and learn about video advertising!

Recent studies have proven that video advertising is one of the most effective digital campaigns for car dealers. In fact, YouTube is now one of the most influential platforms for car buyers; and Google studies show that 89 percent of consumers prefer video over other ad experiences.

But even as a powerful sales tool, these videos have to follow some guidelines in order to be effective. The ads that perform better are the ones with information on vehicles or features tailored to the target shopper based on their interests and online behavior. For example, if someone in the dealership area is looking at new and used Kia Sportage online, offering to that viewer with an ad for the Kia Soul would be pointless. Just imagine if one of your sales people offered a totally different car to the customer. We all know how the customer would laugh, so it is the same with online advertisement.

Here are a few tips you can use video to reach online shoppers and drive them to your dealership:


IN-DISPLAY AD is a YouTube ad format that shows in search results, related videos, watch pages and Google Display Network (GDN) sites

These ads are effective because they are shown based on location and behavioral triggers, which means the dealership is much more likely to reach the right buyers with the most relevant message.

To get the best results, the dealership should promote model features, virtual test drives and incentive plans.

2- BUMPER ADS on YouTube

YouTube has become a big part of the car shopping experience. Consumers watch videos to evaluate model features and influence their final purchase decision. Bumper ads give advertisers 6 seconds to promote their brand and message prior to videos. The key difference between pre-roll and Bumper ads is the fact that users can’t skip ahead to their content after 2-3 seconds. They have to complete the six-second ad before their video will start.

Here’s one example: If someone is looking for new Dodge Grand Caravan, you can use a bumper ad to educate the viewer about the certified pre-owned Grand Caravan you have in your inventory and the features they should know about. Research shows that after watching online videos, 61 percent of shoppers continued to look for more information and 37 percent searched a dealership inventory.


True-View is a YouTube video ad format that provides the viewer some options, the most common is the ability to skip the ad after five seconds.

Now Facebook also offers in-stream video ads. These ads are placed in live-stream and on-demand videos on mobile, and can be 5-15 seconds long. Your dealership can optimize these campaigns to drive video views, brand awareness, reach and engagement.

Since launching last year, Facebook has reported that its in-stream ads delivered an average on-target rate of 89 percent, with more than 70 percent of the ads watched to completion.

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