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Engage. Organize. Get Reviews.
The right time to collect reviews is during the shopping experience. In one-click, your customer will be directed to review their shopping/service experience. This is an opportunity not only to get and share reviews across web but also to generate a ton of content.

Our platform is user friendly and allows you to get reviews on the go or at your desktop. Leverage your existing relationships with personalized thank-you messages and offers for lifetime customer retention.

  • Increase customer online Reviews immediately.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty with feedback opportunity and Thank You messages.
  • Manager Dashboard holds your employees accountable for driving reviews and participation.
  • Engage your employees in Social Media.
  • Improve communication for employees and managers with centralized task assignment tool.
  • Easily notify employees of important communication within the dealership.
Through a simple, user friendly interface, improve your internal communication and optimize both workforce and customer relationship while inside the car dealership. Improve your CSI and Increase SEO.