5 Advertising Ideas to best Promote your Dealership or Shop

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With some planning you can put the following ideas together without spending a lot of money to promote your dealership or repair shop. Here are some marketing ideas to help you build your business, grow your brand and maximize social media to your advantage.


Today’s consumers expect a powerful online presence. A recent survey found that 60% of shoppers wanted local dealers to improve their websites. It’s not only about the appearance, shoppers expect web features such as scheduling services, inventory search and vehicle information. Your website’s SEO is also very important. Utilizing strategic keywords will help with your website’s SEO and boost your brand.


While pens and mugs are nice, they don’t offer the best advertising impact. Your budget should be on promotional products that can give your automotive dealership added exposure related to your business such as license plate holders, air fresheners, and sunshades.


Connecting with the community is key to growing your business. Sponsor local sports teams, participate in fundraisers, join a blood donor bank, join your local chamber of commerce, etc. Not only will your company get brand recognition with little investment, but you and your employees could gain access to networking opportunities and get involved with possible local shoppers in the community.


Nowadays shoppers are often questioning the reputation of the automotive industry. When they buy, they are never sure if they received a fair deal. When they bring their vehicle in for service, they wonder if they are paying for unnecessary repairs. So, a referral from a family member or friend can go a long way in creating consumer confidence. But be sure to advertise your referral program online on social media and Google. This is especially important since 94% percent of millennial car buyers research online. Some gift ideas for your referral programs are: gift cards, service credit or hold a monthly giveaway.


Before people look for a repair shop, they often research the problem online. They may ask, “How long can I go between oil changes? What vehicles offer the best gas mileage?” If you provide valuable information that people actually want to read, they will trust you more.

Start a blog, send out a monthly newsletter, host a podcast, and update your social media with fresh and valuable content if not every day at least every other day.

It’s time to promote your business online, establishing long term strategies that are more effective and affordable to boost your brand and increase sales & services.

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