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Subaru's Best Day Ever Video

Subaru has earned a reputation as a brand that enables sports enthusiasts and active families alike to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. And given how many people consider their pets to be their loyal outdoor companions, the Barkleys – an active family of golden and Labrador retrievers – are a natural fit for Subaru’s content efforts.

As a thank you to its owner community, Subaru recently sent a customizable video, which enables brand fans to virtually insert their own likeness into a fun day at the park with the Barkleys. Not only did the spot tap into the personal passions of its customers, it gave them a way to see themselves (literally) as part of the experience the brand promotes.

85% of Facebook Users Watch Videos With the Sound Off

If you are going to use video to promote your brand, you should get it right the first time. The attention span of the common consumer is getting shorter and shorter. Our best practices take into account the statistics below to always make sure that you get the most out of your social media marketing.

  • 85% of Facebook users watch video with the sound off.
  • Captioned video ads can increase video view time by an average of 12%
  • 80% of users are annoyed when videos auto-play sound and it gives them a negative impression of your brand.

We always make sure your videos don’t need sound in order to be understood. Taking a little time to add captions could mean the difference between whether or not your Facebook videos get viewed.

People Are 5 Times More Likely to Watch Facebook Videos on a Phone

People are five times more likely to watch video daily on a smartphone than on desktop.

This means that we make sure that all of your videos are mobile optimized. All titles and graphics are bold enough to stand out even on a small screen, so that even while scrolling through facebook while waiting in line, your message is recieved clearly.


The Nitty Gritty

55 • 33 • 80



55% of car buyers find the vehicle their looking for online.



33% of car buyers only talk to one salesman after walking through the door.



80% of car buyers only test drive one car.


This means that the window of opportunity for salespeople and dealerships is getting smaller. Now more than ever it is important to utilize every tool at your disposal to drive customers to your door.


Social Media

Let us do it right.


21. 47%...

...of the Value of Facebook Video Ads Happens in the First 3 Seconds. While Facebook video ads can be very effective, you don’t have a ton of time to capture your viewer’s attention. In fact, research from Facebook discovered nearly half of the value from your ads is attained in the first three seconds of the video.

When you create videos for ads, try to capture the viewers attention immediately. That way they’ll be compelled to stick around and see your entire message.


The Average CPC for Facebook Ads Is $1.72

Curious about whether or not you’re paying too much for your Facebook Ads? Research conducted in 2017 revealed some benchmarks for Facebook Ads.

While other companies have attempted to gather this type of data before, we like this data because it’s broken down by industry. As you can see from the graph below, there are significant differences in CPC for different industries.

If your average CPC is much higher than your industry average, it could be a sign you need to make some tweaks to your campaigns. If you’re on the low end, you’re probably on the right path.


The Average CTR for Facebook Ads Is 0.9%

This research also looked at the average CTR of Facebook Ads by industry. Overall, they found the average CTR to be 0.9%. But similar to CPC, you should look at your industry average rather than the overall.