Do you believe your reputation is your best kept secret?

The right time to collect reviews is when you are with your customer. In one-click, your customer will be directed to review their experience and let everyone else know how great you are. This is an opportunity not only to get and share reviews across the web but also to generate a ton of referrals.


Our platform is user friendly and allows you to get reviews on the go or at your desktop. leverage your existing relationships with personalized thank-you messages and offers for lifetime customer retention.

  • Increase customer online Reviews immediately

  • Increase Customer Loyalty with feedback opportunity and Thank You messages

  • The Activity Log holds your employees accountable for driving reviews and participation

  • Engage your employees in Social Media

  • Improve communication for employees and managers with centralized task assignment tool



Through a simple, user friendly interface, improve your internal communication and optimize both workforce and customer relationship while inside YOUR BUSINESS.  Improve your Customer Satisfaction and increase SEO.


Our proven process helps your employees engage in the Businesses social media and review efforts, ultimately increasing web traffic and turning leads to sales. In one smart platform built especially for managers to assess their operational system in the following areas:

  • Internal snapshot of each employee’s participation and engagement

  • Transforming the way you get customer 5-STAR reviews: by getting them right in the moment of shopping or service experience, NOT after they have left. You can PICK your best customers.

  • Improve communication with your employees by assigning personalized TO-DO lists.